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The Cheltenham Boiler Company, is a business specialised in providing central heating and gas boiler installations, boiler servicing and repair in Cheltenham.

We focus on boilers, everything connected to them and nothing else…

Therefore, we install and maintain within, domestic and commercial customers properties, landlords, developers and construction companies with great pride.

When you think it’s time for a change, it normally is. Your old boiler isn’t meeting your daily needs, the repairs are piling up, and so are the bills.

Expert Services

The business and its engineers are experts within the field, because of this we are able to offer high quality service and workmanship.

From simple boiler replacements to complex multi-zone controlled heating and hot water systems, underfloor heating and smart controlled systems.

Heating is now moving into the digital age. Heating and hot water is now even easier and can be controlled much more precisely than ever before. Smart controls are also one of the 4 options that will become a mandatory requirement from April 2018 for new combination boilers.

We are able to design and plan the best solution for you.

We can provide solutions overcoming low pressure and low flow rates using pumps or accumulators and space saving ideas.

Because of our expertise we are able to service and repair most boilers. This may not always be possible, where this is the case we will be sure to find the right solution for you with a boiler replacement. 

Feel free to navigate around our site and discover what services we have to offer.

Learn about which heating system you may currently have, if an upgrade may be more more suited to your needs and see what a new boiler could cost you with our online estimator.

We have lots of useful heating tips too… feel free to go and have a look at our Heating Tips page.

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