Heating Tips

Make an impact on your homes efficiency by following these energy saving tips:

1. Turn your heating thermostat down by one degree, dropping your heating by 1 degree will shave 10% off your heating bill.

2. Make sure your heating is off when you are out for the day,also turn off radiators in rooms you’re not using.

3. Take a shower rather than a bath.

4. Avoid estimated bills, energy suppliers will estimate how much energy you are using in a year and average it out, read your meter regularly and provide your supplier with accurate readings instead. If you’re heavily in credit, simply ask for the difference back.

5. Replace your boiler, in the long term replacing an old boiler can dramatically reduce costs, boilers account for 79% of your total fuel usage. Replacing a G rated model to a new A rated model can save you up-to £320 per year.

6. Get free insulation, take advantage of the free insulation deals. Energy suppliers offer free deals because they have to meet strict efficiency targets or face a fine.

7. Upgrade your heating controls to include room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) on radiators, even better upgrade to smart stats for greater control.

8. Draft proof your home to stop the heat escaping unnecessarily.

9. Ensure your boiler is serviced regularly.

10. Buy a new insulation jacket for your hot water cylinder.

11. Have your boiler serviced regularly to ensure they remain efficient.